Results of the SDI/TDI 2022-23 Instructor Seminar

  • 19/05/2023

The SDI/TDI Instructor Seminar is over, and we are happy to introduce our new diving instructor, Dmitriy Pervushin.

This seminar was probably the longest and lasted about 6 months from November 2022 to April 2023. This time frame was due to the constant distraction of Dmitry from his seminar classes to his main job as a DC Dofleini Divemaster. These are the months when we have a high season on Panglao and of course a large influx of tourists.


Besides the usual work as a dive-guide, organizing dives and accompanying certified divers underwater, Dmitry listened to lectures, prepared academic presentations on diving theory, briefings, and debriefings for practical classes with future students in both confined and open water.

At some point I began, as usual, to connect the candidate to classes with real diving students. Such inclusions in the real process of training are very important, they help the future instructor to gain self-confidence, to demonstrate his professional preparation and competence in the work with the audience.

After a while, of course under the control of the instructor-trainer, Dmitry easily conducted the classes with novice divers.

In general, by the end of the seminar Dmitriy became a real diving instructor, congratulations!

Good luck to you Dmitry in your professional activity, don't stop on your achieved results, increase your level and widen your experience!

Course Director Instructor Trainer SDI/TDI Maxim Pervushin

Dofleini Diving Center Team


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