₱ 3500

Discover Scuba Diving

We present a special offer for beginners – Discover Scuba Diving! Only 30 minutes of instructions – and you are going to a depth of 5 to 10 meters with a dive master.
Panglao, Bohol
For beginners
От 10 лет
Не требует опыта
Total duration (hours) maximum
Duration of immersion (minutes) maximum

The first (introductory) scuba diving at sea, accompanied by a dive instructor. For that you do not need anything but desire! Lack of experience, certificates or even the ability to swim – all this will not prevent you from discovering the rich underwater world of Panglao Island. Diving is carried out on a home reef in the water area next to the DOFLEINI dive center.





Acquaintance with the dive center and instructors. Discussion of plans and signing all necessary documents (application form + contract).


We will choose for you: a suit, boots, flippers, a mask and a vest with the BCD system - a device necessary to adjust your buoyancy.


The dive instructor will teach you the general principles of diver behavior underwater. You will get acquainted with the basic concepts and gestures. Equipment checking.


Entrance to the water on a home reef from the beach of the Eskaya Hotel. The total duration is 40 minutes maximum.
to become a pro with padi owd

to become a pro with padi owd

₱ 18 000

PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular diving program in the world for now. Millions of people have become divers with the PADI Open Water certification. The training includes learning both the theoretical (facts, principles, concept), and practical material (skills, techniques, methods).

Oddly enough, the ability to swim in diving is not necessary. This ability can be useful to you only if your BCD system is out of order and you need to swim to the boat or the shore yourself. But with introdiving, you are under constant control of the dive master.
The only age limit is at least 10 years. If you are older and your state of health allows, then there are no reasons why diving may be contraindicated to you.
Before diving, a group of 2 people is briefed with their dive instructor. Duration is 30 minutes maximum, and depends on your individual characteristics and experience. Includes: familiarization with the elements of equipment, basic safety concepts, rules of behavior under water, simple gestures and a couple of exercises with a mouthpiece and mask.
The equipment includes: - Wetsuit - Boots - Mask - Flippers - Air tank for 40 minutes - BCD system
Introdiving is an introductory dive and is not included in the training course. In other words, when a novice enters the water, you are the first to leave the water. If you want to take a full training course and get an official diver certificate, we recommend starting with Discover Scuba Diving.


6'10 Fineline Egg $700
USED 9'8 Haut Step Deck $400
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6'10 Fineline Egg $700
USED 9'8 Haut Step Deck $400
9'2 Dyer Jetson $760
5'7 Hanel Pill $1200