Dive sites Panglao island

for beginners and certified divers

DOFLEINI Home Reef at Sunrise beach

Due to its remoteness from places with a large crowd of tourists, the Sunrise beach is a place for a quiet steady rest not only on the shore, but also under water. The site begins with a depth of 3 meters and gradually goes deep into the sea of ​​Mindanao. Initially, one can have a view of a plateau with the size of a football field, consisting of quiet sandy fields, surrounded by coral islands. At a depth of 7 meters a small coral wall appears at the border of the plateau, after which follows a heap of up to 40 meters. Diving site is suitable for beginners who want to test themselves under water for the first time! A good place for training dives and night diving.

The minimum level of certification accompanied by our instructor – not necessary. Everyone can experience the feeling of immersion.

Maximum depth 40 m.

BBC и Arco-Point

15 minutes by boat from our Sunrise beach.

The dive takes place along the medium-sized underwater cliff dotted with hard and soft corals. In the wall you can find many grottoes and caves, so it is recommended to take lights with you. There is a good chance to meet a lionfish and a sea turtle. A good place for macro photography, because the number of sea slugs, shrimps and frogfish has remained large here for many years.

Recommended minimum certification is OWD.

Maximum depth is 25-30 meters.


Balicasag island

45 minutes by boat from our dive center. This island is declared a nature reserve and is one of the most popular diving sites near Panglao. This is mainly due to the fact that the island has a round shape and practically everything that surrounds it is one big dive site. Here, the probability of meeting a sea turtle tends to be a hundred. They float carelessly at the bottom at a depth of 8-12 meters, not paying attention to the audience. Nearby there are huge shoals jackfish. Incredible sight. Suitable for the OWD.

Doljo point

You will be delivered to it in 25 minutes by shuttle from DOFLEINI.

If you are not deprived of luck, then this is a great place to experience it, because here you can meet whale sharks, if you go deeper towards the open sea! Meeting with such a giant in the wild nature will make you prove your nerves. Well, if you are not so ready for extremal experience, then at the level of a reef (12-16 m depth), a microworld of enchanting beauty with its foundations awaits you. Corals of different types and forms, reef fish, clams!

Recommended certification is OWD.

Maximum depth is 30m.


Gak Ang

25 minutes by boat from DOFLEINI. This is a heavenly place for those who love documentary movies about warm seas, because this place is simply teeming with wildlife. Soft and hard corals are at every turn. The main guest of this dive site is the clown fish. Yes, that same Nemo. There are plenty of them here! Gak Ang is a favorite place for underwater photo shoots of our guests.

Recommended minimum certification is OWD.

Maximum depth is 25 m.


20 minutes by shuttle from the dive center.

Diving is a descent along a vertical wall dotted with corals of various shapes and forms. This place is popular for its abundance of living creatures. From the open sea there will be clouds of sardines, and from the coast - a huge living wall extending far downwards.

Also, here you can meet moray eels.

Recommended certification is OWD.

Maximum depth is 30m.



45 minutes from our dive center.

A small paradise island is a protected marine zone. Diving with giant barracudas is popular here. From time to time groups of skates come to the island. Local coral reefs are famous for their beauty and are inferior to Balikasagu only by the number of turtles, and in all other respects they are on a par, if not better. There are also a large number of seahorses and their related sea creatures. For example, needle fish or pipe fish.

Recommended certification for divers is OWD.

Maximum depth is 25m.

The island is very popular for family holidays, here you can go to the beach and take a walk, visit military fortifications of past centuries and sit in one of several restaurants located on the shore. Also, snorkeling is very popular here, because there is no need to overcome long distances from the coast to get to the reef.


Snake Island

35 minutes by boat toward the island of Pamilakan.

The underwater island is home to poisonous sea snakes, here they lay their eggs. According to various estimates, the population of snakes in 2017 has reached several thousand individuals. At the same time, diving is complicated by a strong undercurrent. All this together makes this dive site one of the most extreme ones around Panglao.

Divers with an AOWD certification level and above are allowed to dive.

Maximum depth is 25 meters.


20 minutes by boat from our diving center.

At a depth of about 37 meters a medium-sized dive boat is located. About 6-8 meters long, the boat stands on a sandy bottom, almost on the keel. Flocks of colorful fish spin around him. It’s a very popular place for fans of underwater shooting. You need a diving light with you if you want to look inside the ship or into the cracks of a wall on the way back. You can often meet frogfish and lionfish.

Divers with an AOWD certification level with a Deep Diver specialization are allowed to dive. We remind you that you can get training on the specialty "Deep diving" with instructors of our diving center.

Maximum depth is 40 m.


Just over 2 hours by boat from Panglao Island.

A fishing village, which has become world famous due to the fact that its inhabitants have fed whale sharks. These gentle giants reach the sizes of up to 12 meters. The total number of sharks around you can reach 7-9 individuals. For humans, they are not dangerous. In addition to sharks, here you can see turtles, barracudas and fish sticking.

Divers are allowed to dive with certification level not lower than OWD.

Today this place has the status of a nature reserve, but even those who do not have a diving certificate can swim with sharks! Both adults and children can snorkel here. Everyone will be impressed!

Maximum depth is 20 m.