Panglao Island

This lush tropical island is renowned for its stunning macro aquatic life. You may also encounter moray eels, shrimps, cuttlefish, frog fish, bat fish and many more. Along the coast there are several dive spots, each with its own attraction and diversity. Suitable for all levels.

Arco Point

From the sandy reef ledge at 8 metres you descend through a natural arch to the wall at around 16 metres where you will find life everywhere, nudibranchs abound and look out for the bump head parrot fish. A gentle current takes you about 200 metres to the end of the dive. Suitable for all levels.

Black forest

So called because of the stunning thickets of black coral that thrive below 30 metres. There is always an abundance of brightly coloured fish of many species, turtles galore, groupers (lapu lapu locally) and shoals of thousands of jack fish (big eye trevally), shoaling barracuda are sometimes encountered and occasionally you may be lucky enough to see a passing whale shark. Suitable for all levels.

Doljo point, Momo

This sloping wall is covered in hard and beautiful soft corals and is home to many frog fish, batfish, nudibrachs and pegasus shrimps. Further east are dive sites at Doljo Beach, Momo Beach and Napaling. Generally suitable for all levels, except the deeper parts.

Pamalican island

Pamilican is about an hour boat trip from Panglao, there are steep sandy slopes with rock outcrops and crevices where a lamp is always recommended and on other sites are gentle sand slopes with numerous corals and anemonies. Pamilican attracts divers from all around the world interested to encounter the wonderful variety of marine life, turtles, bump head parrot fish, nudibranchs and all the usual gang of brightly coloured tropical inhabitants. Suitable for all levels, great value lunch availa

Divers Heaven

This wall starts at 5 metres and descends to a sandy bottom at 50 metres, There are several small caves and many ledges so a lamp will allow you to see the most interesting things. Suitable for AOWD or above.


House Reef

More correctly the Tawala House Reef is made up of many dive spots from Kalipayan at the western end where sea horses are found and a 16 metre wreck lies at 35 metres depth. Going east there are several entry points along Alona Beach and onto the Tawala Marine Sanctuary, the wall drops from around 5 metres to as deep as 40 metres in places and a vast variety of life awaits you. Further east lie Nova and Sunrise Reefs with huge rock outcrops on sand slopes, crevices and overhanging cliffs.


Royal Garden

Moray eels, a variety of shellfish, mantis shrimp, ribbon eels, stonefish, cuttlefish, frog fish, turtles and bat fish. Wonderful coral gardens. Suitable for all skill levels.


Ray Point

Sometimes referred to as PPB (Peak Performance Buoyancy) due to its suitability as a training site with a gentle sandy slope from 5 to 20 metres. Along the slope there are dozens of isolated corals and anemones each with its own tiny residents. The slope develops onto walls on both ends with the usual wealth of life, as the name implies rays are sometimes found on the sandy bottom. Suitable for all levels.


Balicasag island

Balicasag lies about 40 minutes boat trip from Panglao. An almost circular island with sandy slopes on the east, on the Royal Garden site, and south, on Black Forest, dropping to walls at about 14 metres. The other part of the island has steep walls from about 5 metres to 50 plus metres in places. At the western end of the island is a marine sanctuary ensuring an area where life flourishes. Optimum depth to see more life and enjoy the diving on Balicasag is 12 to 20 metres.


Snake Island

Cervera Shoal aka Snake Island is an underwater sand bar rising to about 8 metres below the suface and sloping down to the sea bed deeper than 30 metres. While many varieties of sea creatures may be found the main attraction is the thousands of sea snakes that live here, while extremely venomous they are completely harmless to divers and the experience of diving here will be most memorable. Suitable for all levels unless there is a strong current