Dofleini - Like no other

The idea is to find your shore was born ten years ago. After dive in many years, you should choose the place where you hochetsja to dive all my life and enjoy the dive. On Panglao a lot of dive centres, many of them well established for many years. But our idea is to create a center not only for the dive. We are open to all who love the sea and everything in it and around it.
Our center is designed specifically for our customers, friends and partners (and children). We want to support, encourage, and assist our divers to achieve their dreams and goals. We work to ensure that every dive is a safe and enjoyable experience.

The essence of our programme is that once people have found our very special place,  they can be happy to continue their diving life with us, from the first introduction to diving and through continuing education and achievements to wherever they wish to go, be it to simply enjoy diving as a sport, or continue their journey to professional levels.

We encourage our divers to bring along their children where they may learn the love of nature and the environment and safely become aware of dive activities.

We value our customers and wish to give an excellent service that is value for your hard earned money.    Membership of our Dive Academy Club will naturally have additional benefits.

Our dive centre has been created by a highly qualified and experienced team for you.

Open Water, PADI specialty, *CMAS instructor


Dive master CMAS***