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We have created our dive center for those who are in love with the sea, to give everyone the opportunity to discover this beautiful world.
Why o.Panglao? There are wonderful people here, beautiful nature, all year round the water temperature near the island is about + 28°C, even at a depth of up to 30 m, and the air temperature is from + 27°C to + 30°C, because this is the equatorial zone. On all sides, our island is surrounded by larger islands and is, as it were, sheltered from serious weather disasters. The purest water of the Bohol Sea (Mindanao Sea) is not inferior in transparency to the Red Sea. In any month, the sun and a great tan await you, even in the “rainy season”, precipitation here occurs only a few times a week, and even then a couple of hours, and the diving season is always open!
The Philippines is a Christian country. The second official language is English. The Filipinos themselves are very hospitable, friendly and smiling people, they treat everything around with care and concern, protect and protect nature on land and in the sea.


Panglao Island is a rich underwater world with a variety of marine life, such as sharks, tunas, barracudas, sea snakes, nautiluses, octopuses, skates, nudibranch mollusks. There are beautiful coral gardens, small underwater caves, beautiful white sand beaches, a large number of beautiful underwater sites and comfortable depths for training dives close to the coast. Most of the islands around our island have the status of nature reserves, which is ideal for fans of diving and beach holidays.
With the opening of the international airport, Panglao has become one of the most accessible islands in the Philippines, there is a loyal visa policy and for representatives of most countries visa processing is not required up to 30 days.
Dofleini Dive Center was created for those who love the sea and even if you don't have diving experience yet, start from scratch and develop in diving with us. Experienced professionals of our diving center speak Russian and English. We are waiting for you and hope to see you soon! With warmth, patience and care, we will open the amazing diving universe for you!

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