SDI courses

SDI courses

SDI - Scuba Diving International is the sister association of TDI certifying association and its activities are aimed at teaching students to dive within the recreational limits of difficulty, depth and equipment used. The progressive learning methods used in TDI are also used in SDI.
Thus, SDI believes that the use of personal dive computers by divers is mandatory, both during training and beyond, because the ability to use this device makes diving much safer and divers more responsible.
Another revolutionary step taken by SDI was the development of an e-learning platform, which allowed students to study the theoretical part of a whole line of courses online. The advanced SDI training system allows divers to build their knowledge and skills from simple to complex, which helps to stimulate interest in more difficult types of diving.

Our main courses:


And if you have reached a good level in sport diving and want to develop towards technical diving, then we can offer you a wide range of TDI technical courses from Intro to Tech to Extended Range, both in traditional equipment configuration and with Tech Sidemount.


Open Water Scuba Diver

Duration 3-4 days

This course is initial in diving and includes basic theoretical knowledge of physics, physiology, underwater equipment and basic practical skills of a diver. You will have classes with an instructor in the classroom and on the high seas, in conditions similar to a swimming pool. The course ends with a simple written exam and a demonstration to your instructor of the practical skills that you have mastered in the learning process. Upon successful completion of the course, the Instructor will certify you as an OWSD diver with the ability to dive independently up to 18 meters.

Cost ................ 18000 pesos

Advanced Adventure

Duration 2-3 days

This course is focused on deepening the knowledge and experience of the diver.
The course includes theoretical lessons and 5 special practical dives, including: Deep diving up to 30 meters (Deep Dive), Underwater orientation (Underwater Navigation Diver), Night dive (Night/Low Visibility Diver), and others at the choice of student and instructor.

Cost ................ 16000 pesos

Rescue Diver

Duration 3-5 days

This course will allow you to learn how to take care not only of your own safety, but also of other divers, you will learn how to effectively provide basic first aid, manage emergencies during diving and on the surface of the water.

Student requirements:

  • - Age at least 12 years old (with parental permission);
  • - Certification level at least (Junior) Advanced Adventure.

Cost ................ 19000 pesos

First aid course (FRTI)

Duration 1-2 days

This course will allow you to increase your self-confidence and even act as a non-professional rescuer if you had to become a witness or participant in an accident. You will learn how to provide first aid following the same principles as medical professionals.
You will learn the skills to provide emergency care in situations that threaten the life of the victim. Learn to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and provide first aid for severe bleeding, spinal cord injury, and airway blockage.
The knowledge gained will be useful in everyday life.

Cost ................ 7000 pesos

Computer Nitrox Diver

Duration 1 day

One of the most popular special courses.
Enriched air Nitrox is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen used as a breathing gas in scuba diving, the mixture contains more oxygen than usual. A higher percentage of oxygen and a proportionately lower percentage of nitrogen allows longer no-decompression limits, shorter surface intervals, and an additional safety buffer for decompression sickness, especially on repetitive scuba dives.
The Computer Nitrox Diver course is a special training and certification that prepares you to dive using enriched air.

Student requirements:

  • - Age at least 12 years old (with parental permission);
  • - Level at least (Junior) Open Water Scuba Diver.

Cost ................ 7350 pesos


Duration 4–6 weeks

If you have decided that your passion for diving has grown into a desire to make it your career, then the Divemaster course is the first step towards professional diving.
You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for a true professional. The Divemaster course develops organizational skills and the ability to cope with various situations, take control of groups of recreational divers.
The course program consists of several sections: physics, physiology, equipment, environment, diving organization and observation practice.

Student requirements:

  • - Age no younger than 18;
  • - A Rescue Diver Certificate or equivalent issued by another certification body;
  • - At least 40 logged open water dives at the beginning of the course and 60 dives at the end.

Cost ................ 46600 pesos