How do visitors from the Far East get to Panglao Island?

  • 20/05/2023

The pandemic has made adjustments to the previously well-established transfer mechanism to the island, but gradually old routes are returning and new flights and connections are emerging. We will tell you about the most convenient in terms of affordability and comfort when flying.

Panglao airport is international (Bohol-Panglao international airport) and the importance of Manila airport as an obligatory point of flight to the island is gradually losing its relevance. Currently, there are only direct international flights from Seoul, but it already greatly simplifies the opportunity for people from the Far East to visit our island. And the opening of Chinese cities (Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai) for flights returns the logistics to the situation before the closure of the borders.
Why is it preferable to fly through Seoul than through the Philippine capital?

First: Manila is a large international hub, with 4 terminals and receiving a huge number of planes from different countries. So when you arrive in Manila, be prepared to spend several hours at quarantine and border control, where you'll be waiting to be processed, usually as part of the passengers of several planes that landed almost simultaneously with you.

Second: Once you get your luggage, you are more likely to have to change terminals from international to local. There is a free shuttle between terminals with a waiting time of 30–40 minutes. It takes at least 40 minutes to change terminals.

Third: Going through check-in, security screening and waiting for boarding at the local terminal is not a pleasure, as it is not comfortable.
If you are flying through Seoul, Incheon Airport is currently one of the most comfortable and convenient for domestic travel and waiting for boarding among other Asian airports.

The direct flight from Seoul to Panglao Island is operated by the Korean airline Jeju air twice a day at 7-25 and at 18-50. So far, there are no other international flights to Panglao Island and you will be the only one met by the quarantine and border guards.

And a little bonus: in Seoul, you can use duty-free stores, which is not available in the local airport of Manila.

At the moment, the most convenient way to Seoul from the Far East is from two cities.

From Vladivostok:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday the Vladivostok to Seoul flight is via Beijing.
  • Thursday, Sunday, the flight Vladivostok – Seoul is operated via Harbin.

From Khabarovsk:

  • Tuesday, the flight Khabarovsk – Seoul is operated via Beijing.
  • Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Khabarovsk – Seoul flights will be operated via Harbin.

And finally, about some features of this flight.

Upon arrival in Beijing or Harbin, you must obtain a transit visa, which is valid for 72 hours. You can get it only if your passport is valid for more than 6 months. This, by the way, is a prerequisite for entry into the Philippines.

We hope that this information will help you choose the most convenient and comfortable flight to the white beaches of the island of Panglao. We'll do our best to make your rest enjoyable and unforgettable.


Valid for June 2023, check with the managers of the Diving Center.

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