Instructor workshop on Panglao Island (Philippines, 2020)

  • 16/09/2020

Become an SDI Diving Instructor!

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor (OWSDI) course is designed to train existing Dive Masters or Assistant Instructors, certified by recognized agencies, to effectively, professionally teach a variety of diving and non-diving courses. Here you will learn how to transfer your love for the underwater world to other people.

This program is divided into two parts:

• Instructor Development Course (IDC)
• Instructor Assessment Course (IEC).
Prerequisites for enrollment in the course:
• Minimum age 18 years old
• Be a certified diver for at least 6 months
• Provide proof of 100 dives made in various conditions with different diving depths
• Be an SDI Certified Dive Master, SDI Instructor Assistant, or equivalent training level
• Have a valid certificate in first aid, including CPR
* Note: FRTI (First Response Training International) First Aid Instructor Courses can be combined with the IDC program

What can you expect from an IDC course?

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor course provides a deep understanding of the following topics:
• SDI standards and procedures
• SDI history
• Ethics and behavior of the SDI professional
• SDI programs
• Diver certification procedures
• Annual renewal of membership
• Liability and insurance of the SDI instructor
•  Management of risks
•  Teaching methods
• Presentations and briefings
• Successful sales of diving courses
• Budgeting courses
• Attracting students
• Organization and planning of the course
• Retail sales of equipment and tours
• Physics and physiology of diving
Some of the essential skills you will need to demonstrate include at least:
• Two training presentations for different courses
• Two full confined water lessons
• Two full lessons in open water
• Show preparation, planning and dive management
• Demonstrate one complete rescue scenario
• Do a survival exercise, hold out for 10 minutes on the surface of the water, without using hands or aids to maintain buoyancy
• Swim 400 meters without stopping, in any way without the use of swimming aids, in less than 10 minutes, swimming goggles are allowed
• Swim 800 meters with mask, snorkel and fins non-stop, hands-free in less than 17 minutes
• Ascent to the surface of a diver simulating loss of consciousness from a depth of no more than 6 meters; swim with this diver on the surface of 100 meters in less than 4 minutes
In the pool (confined water):
• Applicants must complete, in demonstration quality, all the skills listed in the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course
• Applicants must promptly respond to problems arising during the training of students and be able to solve them
In open water:
• Applicants must perform in demonstrative quality all skills listed in the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course
• Applicants must be able to solve emerging problems
What do you get after graduating from IDC?

Upon successful completion of this course, new instructors will be able to:
Independently conduct SDI courses: Open Water Scuba Diver, Advanced Adventure Diver, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Assistant Instructor, as well as special courses in various types of diving (with the appropriate instructor specializations).

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