We continue our acquaintance with the Russian diving center in the heart of the Philippine Islands - in Panglao

  • 11/09/2023

The unique location of the dive center allows us to provide access to a variety of dive sites that will amaze you with the diversity of the underwater world: 

  • Balicasag Island;
  • Pamilacan Island;
  • Virgin Island;
  • Underwater Snake Island.

Vibrant coral reefs, stunning walls, caves, and the remains of sunken ships all await you in the waters of Panglao.

Our Russian-speaking instructors and guides have extensive experience and knowledge to ensure your safety and comfort on every dive. We create a friendly and trusting atmosphere so that you can enjoy your dives and fulfill your diving potential.

We offer various diving courses in Russian (and English) for all levels – from beginners to advanced. If you are just starting your diving journey, our certified Open Water Diver training course in Russian will help you learn the basics and gain the necessary skills. For experienced divers, we have advanced courses and specializations to help you expand your capabilities and gain new knowledge.

We also offer additional services to make your stay with us as comfortable and cozy as possible. Equipment rentals, comfortable accommodation, transfers, and organization of excursion extras are all available at our dive center with Russian-speaking guides.

On a comfortable minivan we visit all the most interesting places of Bohol island, on the way you will find an interesting story about the life of Filipinos and their wonderful country.

The first attraction on our way will be a church built in 1595, which is considered one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. 

Then we will drive along the picturesque Loboc River, which changes its colors from emerald blue to dark brown at different times of the year.

Above this river is an interesting and seemingly extreme Zip-line, flying at a height of about 100 meters! If you are afraid of heights, you can make great photos, the views are amazing.

Next we will visit the Tarsiers Reserve, where you can see and photograph these little monkeys. In the reserve you need to be quiet, talk in whispers, turn off the sound and flash on your phone, so as not to harm the animals.

Our way lies through the mysterious Dusky Forest, misty and full of moisture, here tall trees form a tunnel, closing their crowns over the road. The man-made Red Mahogany Forest is man-made and differs from other forests by its uniform height, thickness, and tree planting. The fresh air, silence and semi-darkness make it a place for relaxation and self-reflection. 

The next point – the famous Chocolate Hills, has a mysterious origin: the rise of coral deposits from the ocean floor and weathering of the soil, the result of volcanic activity, or perhaps the activity of ancient civilizations? All this you can see from a specially equipped observation platform. The surface of the chocolate hills is covered with emerald green grass, which becomes chocolate brown, fading towards the end of the dry season.

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